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As we move past the hype of decentralization and towards effective implementation, The Open Web Collective is looking for successful, crypto-native, and user-centric projects that are ready to construct the future.

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Our goal is to rally the citizens of the web, who believe in accessible, transparent, autonomous, and decentralized participation and governance of the internet. Those who strive to make the web a medium through which knowledge is created, accessed, and exchanged for both public benefit and commercial profit.

OWC helps projects at all stages, from ideation to acceleration through access to top resources, mentors, and investors. With a remote program, an unbundled curriculum, and an interactive and global community, take your project to the next level and join the Collective, The Open Web Collective.

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Mentors: Bringing the best together

Avichal Garg

Electric Capital

Linda Xie

Scalar Capital

Aleks Larsen

Blockchain Capital

Ali Yahya


Jesse Walden

a16z Crypto Startup School

Joyce Yang

Global Coin Research

Ivan Bogatyy

Dragonfly Capital

Ash Egan


Maria Shen

Electric Capital

Jane Lippenscott

Winklevoss Capital

Katherine Wu

Notation Capital

Kartik Talwar

A Capital

Jascha Samadi

Greenfield One

Alex Rusnak

LayerX Capital

Tara Tan


Paul Veradittakit

Pantera Capital

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